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Molded Case Circuit Breakers



Molded Case Circuit Breakers

– Rated current : 30 ~ 225AF Small capacity
– Easy to make panel 엳 to unification of main specifications
– united to 24X52mm for handle
– cutting size: and 60mm for height

– Improved breaking capacity
– 35kA at AC460V (high-breaking type)
– Both old and new products are compatible for attachment
– Easy equipment attachment
– Acquired KS for every model

– Rated current : 400 ~ 800AF Medium capacity
– Improved breaking capacity
– 400AF : 65kA at 460V(,Limitting type)
– 800AF : 85kA at 460V(,Limitting type)
– Expansion of models :Economic type, Standard type, High-insulation type,Limitting type
– Alternative reception currents (200, 500mA)
– MCCB remote control is available by combining with accessary equipment SHT (for grounding)
– Highly reduced material cost and personnel expenses thanks to the all-in-one type MCCB and zero phase current transformer
– Reduced panel installation space
– Built-in ZCT passed the strict examination of Korea Fire Qualification Corporation
– One-touch combination structure (ZCT withdrawal line)
– Improved assembly and quality thanks to replacement to 600AF (3P, 4P)
– Cost reduction and competitive price thanks to reduction of 600AF (3P, 4P)
– Added models from ELCB 400AF 3P to 600AF 3P and 4P
– Added models from ZCT embedded 400AF 3P to ZCT imbedded 600AF 3P and 4P
– Same size of MCCB, ELCB and ZCT embedded mccb
– Users’ usability and convenience improvement by choosing cartridge type for attached equipments.
– Same position of attachment hall (44 X 194) allows equal replacement of 600AF.
– External dimension : 3P 140×257×103, 4P SIZE 3P: 184×257×103
– Acquired certification for new products (NEP)




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